Why should or shouldn’tyou buy a naturally made rug?

Home décor is a choice made based on pattern, colour along with the nature of the carpet. Hand-woven textiles like the beni ourain rugs carry a certain number of benefits and negative aspects. So in case, you have a plan to buy a rug made from natural fibre read the below list’s description.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Healthy

Eco-friendly: Carpets that are created from natural fibres are biodegradable. This means there is an option to recycle an old item to produce a new product. They are considered environmentally friendly because they generate less waste, unlike technologically-made goods.

Healthy: Synthetic products carry the risk of emitting harmful gases due to their chemical composition whereas an eco-friendly good does not contain any unnatural substances. These commodities last long too because of their strong and well-fabricated surface.


  • Stainy
  • Hard texture

Stainy: These textiles have high absorption abilities because of which they are at risk of facilitation of mold growth. Liquid foods may even cause discolouration of the carpets. This is especially observed in rugs made of seagrass. This negative trait makes the cleaning process complicated and hard for the cleaners.

Hard texture: As the carpets are made from non-synthetic sources they have rough surfaces which make them unsuitable for children. Another point to remember is that pets might find the goods attractive andtake pleasure in shedding the coir, jute surfaces.


No matter how good a product looks, it is useless if it doesn’t serve your needs. This is why one must choose and check out high-quality carpets be it beni ourain rugs or any other type only if the products have the capacity to satisfy your needs.