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Top 10 Packaging Materials You Need To Safely Ship Products

It is very important to have access to the right tools, materials, and resources in order to ensure that the process of shipping your products goes off without a problem. And when it comes to safe shipping, using the right ecommerce packaging materials is a must. There is no doubt that you cannot do without these ten things on this list.

1. Air Cushions

The inflatable air cushions can be used to provide added protective padding for your products. It’s made of plastic so it’s a great alternative to other materials yet provides cushioning that is both lightweight and flexible.

2. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a must for shipping products that are sensitive from drops and knocks. Make sure that you use it to create a buffer zone between your fragile items for shipment. This can also be used to wrap each item separately.

3. Cardboard Corner Protectors

These are guards attached to the edges of fragile goods or boxes. They can provide additional protection, bolstering and steadiness when shipping products.

4. Foam Inserts

The foam inserts are pieces that have been cut to certain sizes and shapes. This ensures that the item is snug inside for added protection against impacts. It also stops the movement when the item is being shipped.

5. Labels and Shipping Forms

Labels and shipping forms are important to properly address and identify the packages you are sending. Make sure that your labels can be easily visible and that they contain all of the necessary information.

6. Packing Paper

Packing papers are used for a variety of purposes. This can be wrapping objects for added protection, filling empty spaces in boxes, and also creating additional padding if you are sensing sensitive items.

7. Packaging Tape

This is an absolute must for shipping. This can be used to securely seal your products. Make sure the tape you are using is both strong and durable. You don’t want your items to be easily opened or damaged.

ecommerce packaging

8. Shipping Boxes

You have to carefully choose shipping boxes that are durable and the suitable size for the products you are shipping. Only use corrugated boxes so that you can protect the longevity and level of protection while items are in transport.

9. Shipping Scale

You have to correctly weigh your products and to do this, you need a dependable shipping scale. This will allow you to calculate the exact postage rates.

10. Stretch Wrap

This  is frequently needed when palletizing many boxes or commodities together. Stretch wraps or films ensure stability and keep all the boxes or items safely in place and together.

If you have all these there is no doubt that you can ensure that your products are packaged securely, shipped promptly, and delivered to your customers in excellent condition. This in turn enhances customer satisfaction and reduces shipping-related issues.