The Purpose of Premium Early Childhood Education

High-quality premium early education programs have been found to have additional advantages that place children on track for positive effects at an early age. The purposes of premium preschool education include:

Developing early learning and development

Children’s brains develop in their first five years; hence, there is a need for high teacher/child ratios at premium early childhood education centers whose teachers are specifically trained in early childhood development. So, every child enjoys more individualized care to support their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Building a strong basis for lifelong learning

Pre-school is the best age for acquiring skills for successful schooling and beyond. Premium early childhood education centers incorporate learning into each part of the day, from circle time to meals and outdoor play.  Pre-literacy skills, read-aloud and blocks on mathematical concepts are all worked upon while conflict resolution is considered to be socio-emotional.   Therefore, learning becomes an ongoing process that starts with a child’s development and takes them to adulthood.

Bridging performance gap

Socioeconomic factors contribute to the school readiness gap between low-income students and their peers.  Small classes and teachers who closely monitor each child’s progress help improve cognitive skills, literacy, numeracy and social skills.  Addressing these achievement gaps early helps combat intergenerational cycles of economic disadvantage.

Supporting dual language learners

Several premium early childhood centers employ trained teachers to support the bilingualism acquisition process.  It is because the researchers know that dual language learners who are taught in both languages perform better at school.

Experience that enriches

The best early childhood programs offer education which goes beyond what is provided in most homes.  Dedicated art, language or dance teachers provide new interests to young children’s minds. Therefore, culturally enriching trips to museums, tour centers, or shows are possible under premium centers.

Getting ready for the future

Change is rapid today and demands a flexible, critical-thinking, collaborative, and learning workforce.  Premium early childhood education is about developing the child’s abilities and equipping them with a knowledge base and transferable skills needed for success.   Building self-regulation, curiosity, and interpersonal skills, are the bases upon which children can become autonomous and flexible people able to join tomorrow’s labor market.


Quality childhood education in the initial formative years promotes the success of children in school and beyond. Children are provided with an enriching experience since they receive individualized help in academics, personal skills, and social-emotional aspects due to the existence of small classes led by teachers specialized in various fields.