Studio-Quality Headphones: What Is An Ideal Headphone For You?

Headphones have been used for personal and business purposes. Many people today get good headphones for entertainment use, while others take them for business use. However, whatever your purpose in buying a headphone, it is essential to get a quality one, not only based on the price but also the specs. Do you want to check the openback headphones singapore to decide if this is good for work?

Open-back headphones

When picking up your first pair of open-backed headphones, you must be thrilled with the revamped listening and the wider soundstage experience. The excitement was quickly curtailed as open-back headphones were louder than you expected. Yes, there is a sound of the headphones that even the one sitting beside you can hear what you are listening to. But, the sound leakage is never bad feedback for the headphones because it is what it is.

The 30dB increase in sound leakage with open-backed headphones than the closed-backed; the design lets air pass through the ear cups. The reason for this is to provide a wider soundstage and improve the user’s listening experience. The normal listening levels of the open-back headphones let the people in your quick proximity hear what you are listening to. To get the actual data, the sound leakage on the open-backed headphones in different situations and compare them against the closed-back headphones.

Sound leakage: how do open-back headphones perform?

In theory, an open-backed headphone must leak much more than a closed-back one due to how the soundstage forms. To figure out the right amount of leakage, a test is conducted. A subjective test is done for sound leakage when standing from various distances. The sound leakage test is performed to test out a headphone and how loud the sound is provided.

Music is played on the open-back headphones at different distances away. The music is played at different sound levels and must be rated according to hearing on a scale of 1 to 5. The test is entirely subjective in many ways. It is more valuable than measuring sound with a measurement rig.

The sound leakage test gives you a real-life example of what the leakage sounds like. You can make it a fair rating when you try to do a sound leakage test: open-back headphones versus closed-back headphones. The test will be conducted two times:

  1. In a public venue (event hall or in any room)
  2. In the open area (Gymnasium)

So, if you are looking for a headphone, would you prefer to get an open-back headphone or do you want another?