Perfect Digital Locks For Hdbs In Singapore

Perfect Digital Locks For Hdbs In Singapore

In the technologically developed world, digital inventions and intelligent solutions are increasingly vital parts of our lives in Singapore. Developments starting from robotic vacuum cleaners to smart home speakers, make your lives more fortunate and convenient.

Given the convenience mentioned above and the added security service, digital door locks are becoming a famous option among Singaporean house owners. With smart access qualities loaded into a sleek gadget, the electronic hdb digital lock upgrade the security levels in the most stylish way to your home.

These digital locks improve the safety of your house with operations and capacities, such as leveraging the advent of biometrics and 3D face recognition. Electronic locks provide a satisfactory amount of security that standard doors and locks in Singapore cannot offer.

Digital Locks for Every Home

Whether you want digital locks for your main door or smart locks for gates, there are various offers from a range of dealers that provide the highest quality standards product in Singapore.

Their wide variety of digital locks produces by world-class research and a passion for innovative products that extend the convenience, intelligence, and safety of homes like HDB flats. And you can enjoy the benefits of a touchless lock hassle-free and conveniently.

Consider the Access Mechanism of Your Digital Door Lock

Before you finance a digital door lock for the door of your house or HDB, you need to consider the access tools presented by different products.

These mechanisms can start from digital keypads, fingerprint sensors, and RFID cards to remote, Bluetooth smartphone access, etc. Many digital locks provide considerable access for added comfort. Below we tried to discuss a few common ones,

Fingerprint Access

It is a common fact that every human fingerprint is identical. Opting for a fingerprint sensor digital lock, you can configure your HDB’s door can open only in biometrically recognized people.

hdb digital lock

Keypad Access

Today, several digital door locks are available featuring keypad access. In this lock, The user must put the correct code to grant access to open the door or gate.

Bluetooth Keys

Bluetooth access key locks allow homeowners to use their smartphone’s Bluetooth features to unlock the front door while they are present within range. Some brands provide dedicated phone apps for added comfort.

RFID Card Access

You can Enter your home through the RFID access lock, which is as simple as swiping your RFID card in front of the digital safety of the door. This access process is practical, especially for commercial spaces requiring configuring different entry levels.


If you invest in a digital door lock, you will want to ensure that the lock’s aesthetic corresponds to your main door and, hopefully, the rest of your home décor.

While some hdb digital locks only come in one color, others authorize you to decide between gold and silver tones for a luxurious finish and consider the safety size.

Locks with a larger surface can be more appropriate and allow more precision when typing PIN codes. However, those designing for a minimalist style might opt for a more compact alternative slightly larger than a smartphone.