How to give special attention to you dear Rabbit

Most people will have their lovely pets in their home to spend their time happy. It is a taste of an individual to choose their pet animal, as they are multiple pets are available. Rabbit is one of the cutest and charming pets which makes you happy by its cute reactions and running here and there. These animals are of various colors which include sandy brown, white, or black, and they will get injured easily, hence proper care is much important. Before buying the bunny, you need to check for the pet stores to get them the food, rescue centers, and rabbit breeders.

They are unique pets that can live happily for a longer time, and to keep them safer, you need to follow the below tips:

  • Rabbits are animals that need more space to run as they are more active always. So, set-up the safe indoor housing. Create a hiding area for them as they love to hide from humans and other animals.
  • Cover the cage with enough bedding facility at the bottom and keep the heavyweight bowl made of ceramic as their feeding bowl.
  • It will explore like a kid, hence make your house bunny-proof and protect all your belongings, cover all the electrical wires with plastic tubes.
  • Provide them the diet food, especially the hay, fresh greens, carrots, pellets, cabbage, and make them hydrated always with freshwater. Don’t feed them the foods which are rich in starch, sugar, and fat.
  • The rabbit will choose one place to do poop and pee always, hence monitor that and set-up a litter box and train them.
  • Give them enrichment by introducing stimulation toys and play with the rabbit for a while in a day.
  • Groom them regularly by giving them a bath daily and clip the nails at least once a week.

Handle them gently and keep kids away from them, as the children can cause this little bunny easily. Even though it requires low maintenance, it is advisable to get the veterinarian’s treatments and suggestions, as there is the possibility of chronic diseases in this pet. Get regular vaccinations to keep them away from contaminated diseases. Rabbits can suddenly die because of excess temperature, improper handling by kids in your home, poisoning, heart attacks, or swallowing of any sharp object. The backbones of the tiny pet are more fragile, and improper handling can lead to fractures. Have a strong bonding with them to give a warm environment for you and your pet.