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A Guide for Choosing The Best IB Schools

Choosing the best IB school is a very critical decision that can affect your child’s choice of education, and eventually, somewhat affect his or her professional career. The IB curriculum is a distinguished and widely recognized route to higher education in its reputation for its academic excellence, breadth, and depth.

The process of choosing the best IB school for your child

Understand the IB Curriculum and Philosophy

Understandably, you might want to jump right into your search, but before you start looking for schools, make sure you understand the IB and its educational philosophy. Its rigorous academic programme places emphasis upon students learning to think and making conclusions only after research and questioning the given problems.

Academic excellence

Find out how the school performs academically. Look at its IB diploma pass rates, average score, and the percentage of students who graduate and pursue higher education at top universities. A school with a track record of excellent IB results has shown that it is serious about providing an IB education.

Faculty and teaching approach

The quality of teachers and teaching is at the heart of the IB experience. Ask to speak with the school’s IB coordinator or principal. Check their credentials and that of other teachers. Ask them about their commitment and experience in professional development, what they know about international education and the ib schools in singapore, how exactly they foster inquiry-based learning, creative new thinking and international-mindedness, and what they think the IB is.

Extracurricular activities and facilities

The IB programme stresses that students be able to take advantage of school facilities and be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities, so look into the range of sporting, artistic, club or community service life the school offers .They also evaluate the quality of their school’s facilities, including their libraries, laboratories, and resources that integrate technology into the classroom experience.

Campus visits and interviews

If you can, visit campus sooner rather than later, maybe attending an open house or information session. You’ll get a feel for the school, the setting and the facilities, and you’ll meet faculty and students already there. An interview might be scheduled with the admissions staff to address your particular concerns or questions about the programme.


The question of which IB school to choose is one of the most critical decisions you will make as a parent.  You have a good chance of finding the school where your child can reach their potential, pursue their passions, and relish their learning.