5 benefits of hiring a variable message sign

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Variable Message Sign

If you’ve ever driven on a highway before, you’re probably familiar with Variable Message Signs  (VMS). VMS are used to provide useful information to drivers, such as information about traffic conditions and construction delays. Although you can make your own VMS at home or purchase one second-hand, why do that when you can hire one instead? There are plenty of benefits of hiring a variable message sign versus making your own or purchasing one second-hand.

1) They’re Flexible

One of the best things about hiring a variable message sign is that they can be changed on-the-fly, so you can change the message to fit whatever mood your audience is in. Plus, depending on what you need the sign for, you may not want to use it all day long. For example, if your sign just says Happy Hour, then there’s no reason to keep it up all day.

2) They’re Customizable

A variable message sign can be customized to fit your needs, which means you don’t have to pay for something you might not use. Additionally, they typically come in different sizes and styles so you can choose one that will fit the space you need it in. While the initial cost of purchasing a variable message sign is high, they save money in the long run because they require little to no maintenance and are designed to last over many years.

Variable Message Signs

3) They’re Cost-Effective

Variable message signs are cost-effective for several reasons. They can be rented for as low as $50 per month and the monthly rate does not increase based on the length of the contract, which is a benefit to those who don’t know how long they’ll want the sign. The monthly fee covers all operating costs, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs.

4) They’re Versatile

Variable message signs are versatile and can be used for many different purposes, such as:

– Informing the public about construction updates.

– Providing traffic alerts and providing directions.

– Warning drivers about severe weather.

– Promoting nearby events or businesses.

– Advertising upcoming sales or specials.

5) They’re Easy to Use

A variable message sign is the perfect way to send messages to drivers and pedestrians. They’re easy to use, affordable, and have many other benefits. There are so many types of signs that you can use to convey your message, such as flashing or scrolling signs.

They can be installed anywhere that you need them, including near high-traffic areas like shopping malls or airports.

If you own a business with an entrance on the street then installing a variable message sign would be beneficial because they make it easier for people to find your place quickly.