10 things to avoid when going to a strip club

When it comes to visiting a strip club, there are certain things you should avoid doing for fun and a respectful experience. Strip clubs have become a popular destination for many people looking to unwind and have a good time.

  1. Don’t touch the dancers- It may seem obvious but it’s worth reiterating; touching the dancers is strictly prohibited in most strip clubs. This means no groping or grabbing of any kind. Respect the boundaries set by the dancers and don’t try to push your luck.
  2. Don’t take photos or videos- Taking pictures or videos inside the club is not allowed without explicit permission from management and or the dancers themselves. You could face serious consequences if caught doing so, including being kicked out of the establishment or even legal action.
  3. Don’t be disrespectful- A dancer is just like everyone else, and so they deserve respect as much as anyone else. Avoid making derogatory comments towards them, and don’t treat them like objects.
  4. Don’t get too drunk- While having a drink or two can help loosen up your inhibitions, getting too drunk can lead to trouble both for yourself and those around you.
  5. Don’t bring drugs into the club- Bringing drugs into a strip club is illegal and dangerous, if caught with illegal substances on the premises, you could face criminal charges.
  6. Don’t spend beyond your means- It’s easy to get carried away while at a strip club but remember that it can be an expensive experience if you’re not careful with your spending habits.
  7. Don’t go alone if possible- Going with friends can make for an enjoyable experience plus having someone there with you ensures that someone has your back in case anything goes wrong. For more information, click here
  8. Don’t assume all strippers are interested in “extras”- Not every stripper is willing to engage in sexual acts outside of dancing assume otherwise could lead to awkward situations (and possibly getting kicked out).
  9. Don’t ignore personal hygiene or preparation before entering- Even though nobody expects one who comes from work straight into the Strip Club environment takes shower again but still overdoing it by applying excessive perfume or deodorant might affect people close by negatively
  10. Don’t forget- Strippers are workers too. They are performing their job just like anybody else working anywhere else so, always tip well after shows.